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UI / UX designer

Hi I'm Kuba. I've been creating user interfaces for some time now (but that doesn't mean that I pat myself on a shoulder).

I am keep trying to learn new things and explore new styles - I feel good creating ascetic designs and flat icons but I also have a lot of fun creating realistic effects. At the end of the day it's user's experience that matters for me the most.

How I work (the process)

1. Research

I strongly believe that thorough preparation and proper research is extremly important and has enouomorus influence on the quality of the final work.

2. Design

At this stage I spend a lot of time creating wireframes, choosing colours, pairing fonts and getting the look and feel the customer is looking for.

3. Revision

I'm aware that every project needs to be patiently polished to show the diamond that might be hidden inside. I do my best to make this diamond shine.

4. Delivery

I respect time of my customers therefore I do everything to keep deadlines. After the design process is finished, you may be sure that I'll deliver all the files on the agreed date.

My work - Simple, Intuitive, Responsive

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